Monday, June 23, 2008

Monday, June 2, 2008

oh for heaven's sake

Out of sheer desperation, I accepted a job in Korea... but as we all know that is not really where I want to be. But I suck it up and get the gig. THEN I hear back from a school in Algeria. I follow up with them, and hope this doesn't take another 2 weeks. Apparently a visa to Algeria only requires $100, which is forthcoming from the brother. Aaarrrgh. So if I get the Algerian gig, I will cancel the Korean gig (sorry, folks) and fork over the cash. Alright. Let me make something happen somewhere interesting. Surely a North African gig will be more labor-intensive, and probably less lucrative, than a Korean gig, but......we are not really here for the $. I don't want another cruddy winter. So wheels are turning, more to come... Stay tun

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