Sunday, January 29, 2012

Charlie Bronson (2006)

I watched a weird ass movie tonight on Netflix. About Britain’s most notorious prisoner. Yeah. It’s weird. It’s like “Naked Lunch” meets “A Clockwork Orange”. Srsly. It’s weird. But compelling. I can’t NOT recommend it. Let us say. So. The directors I see this guy emulating are, 1) Kubrick 2) David Cronenberg 3) others I haven’t thought of? 4) He himself mentions Tarkovsky in one interview. Um…that’s pretty large talk there Mr Refn. The question is whether he will emulate less and bring something more definitely original to the party.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Martial Arts Films in the 2000-2010 decade.

13 Assassins – meh.
Ip Man – stupid.
Ip Man 2 – stupidr.
Iron Man 2 – I was depressed.
The Warrior’s Way – actually not that bad.
Bunrako (2010) – Guy Moshe // This is good. Better than Tarantino. Not as good as Takeshi Kitano. This film is actually fun. It’s got the same number of filmic references as Tarantino. But the difference is the references are canonical, not simply idiosyncratic. Somehow I think that means something. Or should I say, “That’s the spirit.”

TV Doctor Who - You Know What This Will Ask

I used to think Tom Baker because that’s who I remembered as a kid, and also the general consensus. But I think maybe that was because the general consensus of people talking about such things happens to just be my same age. So I got into it again because, well, because. And then I thought David Tennant. And then I thought, well poor Matt Smith never had a chance. Then I thought, yes he did? He does have a chance. And the person who I had completely no interest in whatsoever in the beginning of my monologue, is now my favorite. David Eccleston. I think of the three recent doctors, Eccleston is the most like the spirit of the doctor I remember.

Special mention to John Simm for his playing of The Master. Those episodes were very memorable, I thought.

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