Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Is it cold in here?

Reminiscences of the comic con: A one-movement fugue in prose
(with minimal embellishment and approximate accuracy):

Fan: So, do you have, like, a web site or a MySpace page or anything like that?
Seller: No, I’m not on the, um...MySpace.
Fan: Everybody is on that MySpace.
Seller: No, I’m not on it.
Fan: Do you have any contact information so I can call you or something?
Seller: No, not really.
Fan: You don’t have any contact information?
Seller: No. Huh-uh.
Fan: Okay, well...I’ll see you around. Maybe I’ll bring that guy that I was telling you about over here to meet you.
Seller: Now you’re talkin’.
Me: Ummm...Excuse me, but how much for these old wrestling magazines?
Seller: One dollar each.
Me: Sweet.

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