Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I have never had sex with a man

Nor do I have any intentions of ever doing so. But, just for the sake of discussion, should a master race of aliens take over the planet and force me to have sexual relations with “another” man, here is a partial list I would submit for their consideration:

Leslie Cheung
Tony Leung
Rafa Nadal
Gael Garcia Bernal
Johnny Depp (I mean seriously? kindofa no brainer?)
Ryan Phillippe (fuck you Tamasine)
River Phoenix
NOT Tom Brady
NOT Ben Affleck (hell no, maybe Matt Damon though, maybe, okay fine)
David Bowie (come on?)
A really young Serge Gainsbourg (emphasis on REALLY young; and he has to sing to me before; this maybe should be in a different post)

How many is that? Ahh fuckit. Post.


Cold Bacon said...

i love how everyone is sending me their responses to this directly and not posting it here. ha!

tre said...

hahaha, i finally read this. way to stay true to yourself, i'm proud of you.

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