Friday, April 24, 2009

Speaking of Crazy

In light of recent events giving online hookups a bad name, I've been thinking.
Is it unethical to harness the crazy the internet has to offer by purposely seeking out the psychos? I'm not talking scary psychos, though for a girl looking for a guy, the line is much finer than a m4w, I'd say. So this is more conjecture and less an actual plan on my part. I just can't help thinking it's a shame the power of these crazies won't be able to make me laugh as much as i deserve.

I recently signed up for OkCupid, though immediately realized I have no place there, and don't want to meet anyone. I have plenty of good friends and am not looking for a boyfriend. I don't even like people I don't already know, so I pretty much ignore it. But i do check in every once in a while for curiosity's sake. A few days ago i received a note from someone calling himself Pete1. Here goes (prepare gag reflex):

As I Pluck you down from your tree out of my reach 12
I would savor your flavor just like a ripe peach. 12
Want to walk hand in hand with you across the beach. 12
So many lessons in love I'd like you to teach. 12

You say that you were working so hard at your school, 12
As I wipe off my chin overflowing with drool, 12
Your pictures responsible; this nat'(u)ral event, 12
Know all of this is true; that what I said I meant. 12

What I said was genuine, I wipe off the glob 12
Because it is my heart that you've have managed to rob. 12
Remain convinced that you're act-u-lee a burglar, 12
Still really want to take you out for a burger. 12

I know there is more to you than read-uh-lee seen, 12
As my waking thoughts are plagued with you in my dreams12
It is for only you that this here song is sung, 12
I really want to massage; your lips with my tounge. 12

Out of my mouth; with all of the things that I had said, 12
This insane balding man; who is out of his head. 12
Hope I kept your int-rest with this here little poem, 12
And within your eyes fine-a-lee find a new home. 12

Uh. User blocked, obv. But I just went back to the email message because I couldn't help wanting to get to the end of the poem. In order to do that I had to go onto his profile and unblock him. Minutes (seconds?) later I get a new email message. Oh boy:

It's good to know that you are a human furnace, 12
Really think that you are hot enough to burn us, 12
So I hem and haw just left with only here: this, 12
As I stand here just begging for your touch and your kiss, 12

I ask you like princess Leah from the star wars, 12

"Help me here my dear, 6
You are my only hope" 6
As I tighten my noose, 6
And unfurl my own rope. 6
I hope to hear from you...6
Before I hang this dope. 6

Not speaking of me here, but of your ex-boyfriend. 12

I've got that sucker tied up in my basement here, 12
This poor guy is filled with nothing but dread and fear. 12
Keeping him captive 'till I hear from you again. 12
Because you know I want to be more than just friends. 12

I am literally just reading this for the first time.
I think I just changed my mind. In conclusion, maybe avoid psychos at all costs.
Unless you are a male looking for a female. If that applies to you, I still expect some good stories.


zipthwung said...

ALice alice alice, c'mon you should know by now the aliens love to mess with your head.

Cold Bacon said...

i'm crazy!

Cold Bacon said...

but that wasn't me.

Cold Bacon said...

>I don't even like people I don't already know

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