Monday, June 22, 2009

This blog still exists?!

I'm on W's comp. As per usual, he's talking someone off a ledge somewhere in another room. He is. The person is not. His place on the first floor. There are no ledges. The worse that could happen is that a terra cotta pot would fall off a sill and he may prick himself trying to clean up the mess. The worst that could happen.

Or the fact that I'm being left to my own devices while he talks someone else off a ledge and boredom drives me to one.

But you know.

Insert cute puppies leaping here.


alice said...

are you kidding? he'd obv make YOU clean up the mess. who are we kidding. i suggest you shove that blackberry up his ass.

ooh the puppy on the right is the cutest. or is it the one on the left? i just can't decide.

Cold Bacon said...

dude. this isn't fucking twitter! khanh. this is the best blog ever. khanh. not twitter. best blog.

i can't decide either.

The Khanh is Dead. said...

That was the best blog posts ever. It had action. It had drama. It had cute puppies leaping, for chrissakes!

Besides, it's not a tweet. It's clearly more than 140 characters. Deal.

zipthwung said...

You knowo there's the third eye blind song "Jumper" but I liek Aztec camera's cover of Van Halen;s "Jump" which, although technically there is no ledge, just a "record machine" - I hear it as "wrecking machine,"

as in:
"you got your back against the wrecking machine"

know what I mean?

But beyond that bit of trivial trivia, lets look at it another way - when you are on the ledge, or backed up against the wall, or the record machine, you can feel, often in a different way - I think that's it - the dull monotony of it all, or at least the threat of it - that;s what leads us to call people and ask what their take of the situation is.

Because often their take is somewhat more laid back and more boring than yors. Other times it can be depressingly interesting, whcih requires that you hang up and get a beer to drown out the feelings of failure.

Sometimes a ledge is just another step in the staircase, you know what I mean man?

jerry curls said...

Hahaha, CUUUTE POPPIES. Btw i think you did good with quitting the lifestyle of blogging

masami said...

Hello.. we were wondering if we would be able to use this picture for our business flyer.
Thanks for your time!

Cold Bacon said...

yes please. use this photo on your business flyer. thanks for my time.

sunny said...

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sunny said...

great i like your blog

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