Wednesday, April 24, 2013

White Burgundy 2010 Vintage - LeFlaive, Sauzet, Bonneau du Martray

Yes i am very very excited about this wine. I have been comparing 2010 white burg since the vintage was first released. i have tasted a LOT of different 1er cru. I've not had any grand cru from 2010 so i only know 1er cru. However, there are only 3 wines of all the whites I've tasted that I am excited and would buy more than 1 bottle. That is Sauzet Combettes and Martray. $130 is a fair price for those wines. I would never pay $100 for the champs canet however from sauzet. Not when the combettes is $130 and it is vastly superior. Likewise I would never pay $170 for Le Moine Corton when Martray is $130. Now we come to Le Flaive.

I actually think it is special not because it's so powerful or dense or overwhelming. Actually I believe it's better because it's more authentic. I actually found the Sauzet more aggressive on the attack and longer in the finish. So what's better about the LeFlaive? Well the flavor. Is simply better! :)

I don't know how else to explain it. The Combettes from Sauzet is wonderfully crafted. But the minerality dominates. I think LeFlaive finds the perfect balance between minerality for grip and power. Yet the flavor is not so mineral that it's chablis-like. It's more like 65%chablis 35% meursault. And to me that is more enjoyable. I also feel like Leflaive does a great job of NOT trying to hard. Just let the grapes give what they want to give and do not try to impose your will onto the grapes. This is like in sports. You take what the defender gives you. In football, basketball. Anything. Defender goes one direction you go the other. As opposed to these barbarians like Rolland in Bon Pasteur imposing themselves on the grapes. Making them do unnatural things. No, LeFlaive understands and respects the grapes. This is what I take from this one experience. Perhaps I am overreacting? I don't know. But I can tell you this. I am basically done with every other producer besides Sauzet and LeFlaive. If I cannot have those two, I will just have beer! 

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Cold Bacon said...

Hell, I'll even drink water.

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