Friday, September 7, 2007

Mr. Nice Guy

So I went to see Superbad today (finally), with my free ticket from those giveaways - a real free ticket... not one of the "not in the first 2 weeks of opening" free tickets... that you can get at Best Buy and has a behind the scenes dvd, etc. Well, I took this ticket (from and AMC doesn't take them I guess... now the ticket itself is actually a check, with a $12 max value, where the theater just writes in the amount, and deposits it at their bank.

So my question is... going to see an $8 matinee - why wouldn't AMC accept the $12 free ticket? I was so upset I decided not to see it. My loss probably. Of course I guess the free tix has nothing to do with AMC itself, but since they are selling the preview dvds & tickets right next door at Best Buy, that it kinda sucks to not notice the fine print on the inside of the ticket that it's not taken at AMC's. I guess every other major chain in the country takes it, according to the ticket and web page.

I wrote AMC a nasty note about it today. I feel a little better now... well now that I have $18 of seabreezes in me, as well.


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