Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Pliny's Law: Invasion of the Pod People (2007)

This movie is about a ginger plant from space that clones and replaces its victims, and is redeemable for at least one reason.

The heroine of this film, who escapes cloning, is in several sexual encounters before the second reel. It is notable, given the genre and its expected turns, that she remains completely covered throughout this period. We reach a pivotal scene at least 40 minutes in, where she bears witness to the intrigue and sapphic excesses of her ostensible co-workers, the titular pod people.

After being seduced by her female boss (double psychosexual damage), we see her yield to complete disrobement and acquiescence. The metaphysics of it all -- prior to this, we are pondering the nudity clause of the actress' contract with every delightful furrow of her brow, every tic and gesture that distinguishes her from the otherwise wooden cast -- heightens the tension. A novelty that did something physical to this reviewer, and made him dream of a beginning, a brief return to the flying days of love.

Otherwise, an all-too-easily-imaginable hunk of rat shit with terrible sound and spare, repetitive effects. Two and a half stars.

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