Monday, October 31, 2011

since i don't make anything new i'll just post an old review of a messican restaurant i wrote like 10 year ago

El Tiempo (Richmond)
Ambivalent. I am ambivalent. Strong margaritas, but they damn well should be at these prices. Wait a minute. I think it’s time to discuss margaritas. I’m tired of people heaping praise on restaurants for having good margaritas. I’m sorry but it’s just not that hard to make good margaritas. Frozen limeade, ice, tequila, triplesec (if you have it) and a blender. People who crave it. Not that difficult to please. That said, El Tiempo’s margaritas were a hell of a lot better than Donneraki’s rip-offs, which were the most expensive and nearly the weakest in the city. Getting back to ET, the red and green dipping sauce for the chips is very good, and the dark tables and atmosphere are as close as you’ll get without actually driving to Nuevo Laredo (which by the way I can no longer recommend unless you bring your bullet proof vest and take out a nice life insurance policy). Cool enough to use the color-rimmed Mexican glassware, but not cool enough to use the kind with the gripping dimples. This review has gone astray. The chili rellenos were like poblano corn dogs. Pathetic. Corn dogs!!!

The mari queso is very good as are the jalapeƱo sausage enchiladas. - GH

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